Kvalvika and Ryten

The hike up to the mountain Ryten (543 m) is both gentle and graceful. But the view from the top is fierce and rugged. Suddenly we are standing in front of the end of the mountain – which plunges abruptly into the ocean. It feels like being at the end of the world.

Turgåere med Kvalvika i bakgrunnen


The landscape at Bunessanden seems otherworldly. A vast expanse of sand, surrounded by high mountains from a strange planet. The largest mountain is called Storskiva (848 m). It rises straight up from the beach and the sea. While the most characteristic mountain is the polished Helvetestinden (602 m).

For lenge siden mistet et tømmerskip lasten sin uten for Lofoten. Tømmerstokker har siden dukket opp på strender langs yttersida.

Å & Ågdalen

We are standing at the very end of Å. Up on a high and barren headland, facing the sea. From here we see the end of the Lofoten Wall, Lofotodden itself, stretching out towards the isolated mountain island of Mosken. Between Mosken and Lofotodden lies the infamous Moskenesstraumen. One of the world’s strongest ocean currents out there.

Turgåere ved sandstranden Melkarsanden ved Ågvatnet.